Table Mountain Casino Pow-Wow December 18, 1999

Bobby attended the Pow-wow and wrote me the following day about meeting Rodney Grant! He was also feeling wonderful as there was a Spirit Healing session he attended and Singer Randy Wood (Northern Cree) dedicated a song to Bobby called "Willow". There is a note from Bobby to me below and you will see photos taken at the Pow-wow of Bobby with some of the dancers and Randy Wood.

Hello Rose,

Merry Christmas! I have some exciting news to tell you .Yesterday I went to a pow wow at Table Mountain Casino and we saw many different Native American tribes there. I was honored by the tribal council with a song of healing and prayer I met the head ground dancer when they started to sing and dance for me a man named Al black bird came to me and placed a blanket next to me and shook my hand then everyone started to come and placed a dollar or two in the blanket until the song was over. After the dance was over we watched more of the pow wow .Then later on that night you would never know who I met! I saw Rodney Grant there with his wife. My older sister followed him and introduced herself as Bobby's sister. He remembered me and came over to us and said hi. We talked for a few minutes and then he told me he was going to come and visit me on Tuesday at my house. So we said good bye and thanked him. Hope to hear from you soon! Will take pictures and send you some. Thank you for everything you've done! This is a week that I'll never forget!

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